Our history

Since the creation of our B&B in 2005, we've often been asked about the origin of the name L'Escale du loup blanc, a name that often raises questions among our guests.

The story of the white wolf: Tlou, whose genealogy is very close to that of the wolf, passed through our home for a few years, and we'll be happy to tell you about his close relationship with the neighborhood chickens, and when, lying on the roof as his ancestors did on the raised rocks, he watched for deer in the distance, or enjoyed the comfort of the sofa lying in the arms of our youngest daughter...
A life story that stretched out around music, horses, friendship dogs and sled dogs, and nature in all its forms

Now a guest house

And now we welcome you to our guest house in France's Massif Central.

Our interests revolve around sustainable tourism, health and B&B hospitality, and we love to share and receive from you moments of life and advice on nature activities, well-being and relaxation, reading etc...

Now, we're happy to welcome you, share our experiences, help you discover our superb Forez Lyonnais region, listen to you talk about yours, and sometimes share confidences, in complete confidence.

We look forward to welcoming you