Room and jacuzzi

Our room and jacuzzi rate gives you on-site access to the natural jacuzzi, which opens onto a large outdoor relaxation area.
Take a delightful dip in the warm water, relax under the 47 air and water jets of our quality Jacuzzi, which opens in the evening under the stars - it's magical.

Cosy bathrobes and spa flip-flops provided, 2 complimentary breakfasts, pool access, information on nearby walks and drives

Room and Jacuzzi nature offers :

The evening of your arrival, 1 hour of relaxation between 5 and 7 pm:

In a small, luminous veranda reserved for the jacuzzi and open to nature, between music and mood lighting you can savor this time of life. From the veranda you can enjoy the view of the garden and pool. The spa session lasts 45 minutes. Our spa is set at 37°, which is a delight to experience, but it's not advisable to stay immersed for longer at this temperature. Afterwards, you can relax in your room, on the terraces or by the pool, before enjoying a table d'hôte dinner.

How it works: You lie down in a water bath of your choice between 35° and 37° for a relaxing, draining massage that often has an analgesic effect,

You settle in: for the first 10 minutes, you become one with the warm bath, its scent of plant essences and light therapy, the music enveloping you.

This is followed by the diffusion of individually adjustable water jets of constant pressure, which perform a hydro-massage following the muscular pathways.

Then the aerobath with its diffusion of compressed air bubbles, scented with precious flower essences, which massage the different zones of the body from the bottom of the jacuzzi.

You finish as you did at the beginning, taking time to integrate this timeless moment.

*For minors aged 17 and over, accompanied by an adult over 25.

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