The spa for 2 in the Hills of Lyonnais

Deep relaxation and release at the Stopover of the white wolf

Room and spa gift card for 2 people

Are you looking for a weekend in a B&B and spa? Our bed and breakfast formula with jacuzzi in the Monts du Lyonnais offers a cocoon double room for 2 people and its 2 tasty breakfasts plus 45 minutes of beneficial relaxation break in the 2-seater spa lying at 37°. In its furnished veranda, listening to birdsong or looking at the stars, you will experience a moment of fulfillment. Cozy bathrobes and spa flip-flops provided by us. €118.20 all inclusive

The comfortable Jacuzzi Spa overlooking nature

An example of a spa-jacuzzi session

You sit in a water bath between 35 and 37° of your choice for a relaxing and draining massage that is often pain-relieving: the first 10 minutes you become immersed in the micro-bubble bath, the music envelops you if you wish.

Then comfortably seated in the 2 reclining seats of the spa, well wedged in the ergonomic headrests, you can fully enjoy the diffusion of the water jets. Constant pressure, individually adjustable, they provide a beneficial hydro-massage which follows the muscular paths.

NB The spa is only authorized for people over 18 years old.

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