The Forez en Lyonnais region

The Forez region inspired the illustrious writer Honoré d'Urfé to say that "there is a country which, in its smallness, offers that which is rarest".

Indeed, it offers a multitude of beneficial and cultural activities in an unspoilt natural setting for sustainable tourism.

Around the Gorges de la Loire, you'll find a wide range of outdoor leisure activities, including hiking, climbing, pony clubs, windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing.

We love our region; living here is a constant pleasure, and we like to share it with our guests.

If you're looking for a local vacation experience, we've got tours and activities for you to enjoy, plus lots of information on the major attractions in the area.


At 640 m altitude, overlooking the superb Forez plain, Maringes is an authentic and simple village in the Monts du Lyonnais. Just 35 kms from St Etienne and 45 kms from Lyon, Maringes is close to major transport routes, yet in the heart of nature, with superb scenery from the Parc du Pilat to the Monts de la Madeleine.

The Monts du Lyonnais

They've been around since ancient times: the Voie Bolène, a Roman road linking Lyon to Bordeaux via Feurs, was one of the most important routes in the Gallo-Roman world. Now known as "le Paradis des Randonneurs", this is a magnificent region with bucolic landscapes to discover on foot, bike or motorcycle. You'll see wolves at the Parc de Courzieu and the Espace Animalier de St Martin la Plaine, one of Europe's largest gorilla greenhouses

West Lyon

The Monts du Lyonnais is a land shaped by Lugdunum.

The great metropolis, former capital of the Gauls, offers centuries of history to discover, as well as a hilly environment that is home to adventure parks, animal parks, bike and mountain bike trails, hikes and strolls on the dominant balconies of the Lyonnais.

Further west, you'll discover the acqueduct du Gier, which runs from Forez to Lyonnais, 86 km long, with 72 arches still standing. It is the most monumental and best preserved in the Mediterranean basin.

The Loire Gorges in Forez

2 great rivers, the Loire and the Rhône, run alongside this territory where our ancestors left archaeological and cultural traces. 45 mns away, the Essalois oppidum overlooks the 20-hectare steep-sided plateau of Lac de Grangent and the Réserve Naturelle des Gorges de la Loire. Follow the "voie des pierres" and its Celtic legends, on foot or by cruise boat from St Victor sur Loire. Further north, the spectacle of Pic de Marcilly and its birds of prey in flight

The Forez plain and the Hautes Chaumes

The Pays d'Art et d'Histoire label was awarded to Forez in 1998, a treasure trove of human and natural heritage in the center of France. This small plain surrounded by medium-sized mountains spreads out its Haut Forez mountain pastures, priories and perched castles, 42 of which are open to visitors. We'll tell you all about Montbrison, the most beautiful market in France, and the Fourme cheese festival, Chazelles sur Lyon and the secret of felt, the Counts of Forez, the Fort of Montrond-les-bains, a renowned spa town, and La Bastie d'Urfé.

Saint Etienne Métropole and the Greens

Ville verte is one of the 3 highest cities in Europe. Its 7 hills range in altitude from 480 m to 1150 m, stretching from the Côtes d'Aurec to Saint Joseph, famous for its wines. The region boasts a wealth of prestigious museums and the ASSE, the Verts and their mythical stadium. There are many picturesque villages to discover all around its basin: Saint Galmier and its Badoit spring, the Chartreuse de Sainte Croix en Jarez and many others.

Greater Lyon: between History and Gastronomy

When Paris was just a village, Lyon, formerly known as Lugdunum, was an immense crossroads of civilizations, and will seduce you with its renowned gastronomy as much as its history. Discovering "Vieux Lyon" is well worth the detour. The Festival of Lights on December 8 highlights all its architectural works of art. Climb up to the Fourvière Basilica for an incredible panoramic view of Bocuse's city, before finishing off in one of Lyon's typical "Bouchon" restaurants.